Jewelry Workshops

After eight years of experimenting with the Luted Crucible process of metal casting, I’ve come up with a few time saving changes. It is now possible to make objects in wax one morning, prepare them for casting in the afternoon, and cast them the next morning! Starting in June, I’ll be offering two and three day jewelry casting workshops in which we use the Luted Crucible technique to make your choice of rings, bracelets, pendants and belt buckles. The first day we will concentrate on your designs and then prepare them for casting. The morning of the second day we will cast your pieces and spend the afternoon grinding, polishing, buffing, photographing and generally getting glamorous! A three day workshop will be the same, except we have more time for each step of the process.

Here are a few photos of bronze and sterling silver pieces from previous workshops to help you get inspired!

emma copy

silver bracelets

tory copy


fanta copy