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Workshop Testimonials

“Thanks for a great class. You are a natural teacher.”

Ed Garner
Vice President at Radikal Therapeutics; Director, Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics at Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute

Make Santa Fe workshop, 2019

“As a professional bronze sculptor it was the most fun and educational workshop I have attended in years.”

Yenny Cocq
Make Santa Fe workshop, 2018

“It was definitely one of the most fun and productive learning experiences ever for me.  Thank you, Piers for sticking with us…I think you have an amazing opportunity to share the vast knowledge you’ve built.”

Cindy Smith
Privacy Consultant
The Ranch workshop, 2017

“What has become most evident and important is that outside of my own art exist whole worlds that can be overlooked by the daily activities. By studying this technique I was able to feel that in another completely different part of the world someone else was learning the same method. Someone who may not share the same daily life or lifestyle as myself.”

Kiki Serna
Sophomore Sculpture Major
Kansas City Art Institute workshop, 2014

“The technique that Piers taught gives me the ability to cast anywhere I can make the proper kiln using air and wood, and anywhere I have clay, wax, rice hulls…”

Mike Ingersoll
Sophomore Sculpture Major
Kansas City Art Institute workshop, 2014