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Luted Crucible metal casting is a pre-Industrial Age lost wax process that is still in use in parts of India and West Africa. In 2008, and again in 2012 I traveled to India where I had the good fortune to live with and learn the process from, a family of hereditary tribal metal casters.

Using only a few natural materials and a wood fired furnace it is possible to cast small objects in silver, bronze, brass and aluminum.

There are three distinguishing aspects to the process: it is inexpensive, safe, and flexible. The raw materials: beeswax, clay, sand and scrap metal, cost very little. These materials, unlike some modern casting materials, are safe to work with and because they are safe, they can be worked with in any environment. The kitchen table or around a campfire by the lake are perfectly acceptable “studios” in which to work.

Thus the technique is ideal for artists wanting to cast metal but for whom the cost, toxicity or complexity of other methods is prohibitive.

If you would like to host a workshop, contact me through the Luted Crucible group on Facebook


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