2nd Edition


The 2nd Edition is now available!

Only 1 copy left!

Full color and printed on 100% recycled paper, all copies are signed.

Inside the book:
The Prologue describes the convoluted path of buying a few small sculptures from a shop in North London to living with hereditary tribal metal casters in India two years later, thus answering the question “how did you find out about this process?”

Natural Materials. As it is a pre-Industrial process, no manufactured materials are needed and this section describes how to find the materials you need and why they are used.

The Bronze Alloy. How and why to make your own bronze is explained. The process can also be used to cast silver, brass, aluminum or anything else that melts and pours into a mould!

How To: A large portion of the book is a detailed explanation of how to do the process. Having read a fair number of “how to” books, I’ve made every effort to write this in a way that actually gives you the information you need to successfully cast using this process.

Furnaces: Three different furnace designs are given with detailed information about how and why they work.

Bibliography: At the end of the book there is an extensive bibliography for further reading in casting, archeology, anthropology, and history of metal casting.

If you are interested in a copy please send an email to info(at)luted-crucible(dot)org

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