Swing is the first in a series of pieces exploring the effects of surrendering to forces outside ourselves and to the corresponding forces or desires within ourselves. In the religious practice of Bastar, a priest, once he is in a trance state, will ride a swing to become the medium through which the god speaks and in so doing become, in turn, that which is ridden, in essence becoming the swing for the divine force.

Swing, bronze, 2017


Spectra is a series of three works that refer to spectrograms made by V.S. Slipher in 1912-13 at the Lowell Observatory. Slipher’s work was later used as the first scientific evidence to support the theory of the Big Bang.

Spectra, mixed media, 2013

Spatial Projection of Time (link to youtube video) is an installation that asks questions about how we understand time. Is time personal, do we make time real for ourselves by experiencing it, are we time? Maria Popova in her 2016 review of Marc Wittmann’s book “Felt Time: The Psychology of how we Perceive Time” writes “What emerges is the disorienting sense that time isn’t something which happens to us — rather, we are time.”

Spatial Projection of Time, mixed media, 2014

Projector is a “mini-installation” that, through a simple series of mechanisms, creates a chaotic light event for the viewer.

Projector, mixed media, 2015

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