The drawing is made by applying a simple rule and small dots of ink with an ink pen. Read from top to bottom, it is at first a series of dots in more or less straight lines. As the dot making progresses errors appear and become magnified. The dots are specific points in time, marking a moment, like a clock tick. The drawing is “scaleless” and can be read as an infinitely small moment or an eaon. From the point of view of one dot neither the past nor the future is knowable.

Dot 11, india ink on archival paper, 47cm x 56cm, 2015




Dot 12 is a work in progress. It is made by applying the same rule as Dot 11 however in this case the dot making starts at the edges, creates a contained space and works inward to fill that space, in the same way that an ice cube freezes.

Dot 12, india ink on archival paper, started August, 2015
Dot 12, in progress, December 2016

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